The story


Sick of hearing his customers arguing about the score during their petanque games, the owner of a bistro with a petanque ground asked us to create innovative scoreboards. This is how our original scoreboard came to light in 2009.

Originally cut from a plank of wood, we have been continuously developing the scoreboards as time went by.

Our years of experience allow us to offer a whole range of scoreboards conceived to stay outdoors in all weathers and handcrafted in France by our metalworkers, painters and ceramicists.

Whilst our choice to produce locally is more expensive than manufacturing in Asia. We believe in promoting our regional economy and highlighting the work of our local craftsmen. Above all it allows us to respect the environment by reducing shipping costs.


Thierry Wagnon, trained at the School of Fine Arts then from a career as a professional photographer and graphic designer in the service of business communication. Always passionate about design and the creation of decorative objects, he designs and realizes in parallel with his graphic designer activities, unusual products based on personal ideas or on order.


Building on our success since 2009 we created our online store “" in 2015 with the aim of helping customers improve their own pétanque pitches. We then set up our English language store "" to develop our activity in North America.

Is it a vertical scoreboard you want or do you prefer a horizontal one? Brightly colored or more discreet? Do you want it to be personalised with your own text? With or without a support? … you will find the answers to all these questions on this site. “Together we can create a bespoke petanque pitch that suits you!“


In 2022 our commitment to a “clean” packaging approach has led us to manufacture specific cushioning foams to ship our products. Made up of more than 65% already recycled materials, our foams are 100% recyclable.

Our packing boxes intended for shipments are also manufactured close to our workshops with FSC-certified French cardboard, a guarantee of eco-responsible and sustainable forest management.

To complete this approach and replace the plastic bags holding the screws and documentation for our supports, we have designed a recycled cardboard case with two independent compartments: screws and tools on one side, assembly instructions and a “jack“ for the French balls game “pétanque“ on the other.

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