We have designed a range of

Scoreboards for Bocce balls, Petanque & Finnish bowling

to decorate your boules pitch.

All our score counters have been designed and manufactured in France since 2009.

They are made with rust-proof materials and powder-coated paints that allow them to stay outdoors all year round.

Did you dream of a vertical or rather horizontal score counter? colorful or discreet? with or without stand?

You will find on these pages all our solutions to create the petanque space of your dreams!

Create a Pétanque & BOCCE area that Suits you!

Keep score by placing the two pawns into slots corresponding to the scores

The score is kept by sliding the counters along their stainless steel rails

Keep the score by rolling the balls along the grooves above and below each number

Modular systems that can evolve over time or according to your budget


Many models and colors

All our pétanque & bocce scoreboards are designed and manufactured in France
bocce scoreboard

We Ship to USA & Canada

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Several configurations are available to suit your budget.
Our modular system allows you to buy the scoreboard alone or add a low (70cm) legs with or without storage for 12 balls or high (125cm) legs with a drinks shelf.
Petanque scoreboard alone or with low legs H70 cm with or without storage 12 petanque balls or high feet H120 cm with shelf.


What are our score counters made of ?

We use aluminium as it has a combination of useful properties. It is one of the lightest metals in the world, almost three times lighter than iron, it’s also very strong. It is mainly used for the manufacture of bicycle frames, car bodies and wheel rims.

Aluminum has the advantage of being fully recyclable, without losing its properties thanks to its infinite life cycle.

Additionally, its resistance to corrosion considerably reduces the need for maintenance. A protective oxide layer forms naturally on the surface of aluminum when it comes into contact with air. The surface treatment and powder coating that we give the metal allows our score counters to be extremely resistant to bad weather so that they can remain outdoors throughout the year.

How are our score counters painted ?

Our score counters are first hung in lines and given a surface treatment intended to improve the paint’s adhesiveness. 

After rinsing then drying, the colour is added by powder coating. This operation consists of carrying out electrostatic powdering of the paint followed by polymerization in the oven.

Our score counters can thus take on all the colors and surface finishes offered by manufacturers of industrial powder coatings.

Where are our score counters made?

All our models are designed and manufactured in the south-east of France. We have chosen local producers who might be more costly than those in Asia but add value to our regional economy and highlight the quality of our craftsmen. Their proximity allows us to rapidly develop our products and to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach, mainly by reducing long-distance transport costs.


How are our score counters packaged?

Our packing crates for shipments are made from FSC-certified French cardboard, a guarantee of eco-responsible and sustainable management of our forests. Our commitment to a “clean” packaging approach has also led us to design specific cushioning foams made up of more than 65% recycled material but above all that is 100% recyclable.

To complete this process and replace the plastic bags that housed the screws and documentation for our supports, we have designed a recycled cardboard case with two independent compartments: screws and tools on one side, french & english assembly instructions on the other.

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