We have designed a range of

Scoreboards for Bocce balls, Petanque & Finnish bowling

to decorate your boules pitch.

All our score counters have been designed and manufactured in France since 2009.

They are made with rust-proof materials and powder-coated paints that allow them to stay outdoors all year round.

Did you dream of a vertical or rather horizontal score counter? colorful or discreet? with or without stand?

You will find on these pages all our solutions to create the petanque space of your dreams!

Create a Pétanque & BOCCE area that Suits you!

Keep score by placing the two pawns into slots corresponding to the scores

The score is kept by sliding the counters along their stainless steel rails

Keep the score by rolling the balls along the grooves above and below each number


Many models and colors

All our pétanque & bocce scoreboards are designed and manufactured by our craftsmen in France
bocce scoreboard

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Several configurations are available to suit your budget.
Our modular system allows you to buy the scoreboard alone or add a low (70cm) legs with or without storage for 12 balls or high (125cm) legs with a drinks shelf.
A scorekeeper alone or with low legs H70 cm with or without storage 12 petanque balls or high feet H120 cm with shelf.

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