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Our French message score counters

No need to customize your pétanque score counter, we did it for you ...


We now offer you the directly personalized SLIDE model with a generic message to choose from among several proposals. The SLIDE score counters are available in a single color : Hammered gray steel. The two marking pawns in coral and emerald colors contrast with the virility of the hammered hue. These paints are produced with an anti-corrosion primer coat then a paint applied by electrostatic powder coating and baked at 200 ° in an oven. This process gives our products very good resistance to weathering and UV rays.

The marking of points is carried out by moving the two pawns along the slide on which they slide. Two mounting brackets on the back allow the score counter to be fixed against a wall or on our brackets and feet.


Technical characteristics :

• Length: 60 cm - Height: 19 cm - Depth: 7 cm

• Material: 3 mm steel

• Weight: 2.2 Kg

• Anti-corrosion primer + Thermo-lacquered paint by electrostatic powder coating followed by baking

• Unique color: “Hammered steel“

• Supplied with 2 colored pawns mounted on a stainless steel slide for marking the points.

• Feet and brackets sold separately

Choose your model below :

“SLIDE“ PLACE DE LA PÉTANQUE - Apéro Pétanque Détente

• Unique color : “Hammered steel“

• The message exists only in French language


“SLIDE“ PLACE DE LA PÉTANQUE - Apéro Pétanque Détente

149,00 €

  • available
  • 8 to 15 days for shipping


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