Keeping score with the “plug” range is done by placing counters in the hole corresponding the the score. The counters are made of stainless steel laser cut into the silhouette of a pétanque ball.
There are two models in the “Plug” range, The “Classic” with its antique look and the “Fanny” which is a vertical scoreboard in anthracite grey or rusty color.

Choose your model below :

“PLUG Classic“ (Without Bracket)

“The Classic”, our original model! A great addition to your boules court.


With its weathered look, this bocce scoreboard is made of 6 mm laser cut steel powder coated in a rust colour.

The finish gives excellent protection against the weather and UV rays.

Keep score by placing the two pawns into slots corresponding to the scores.

Two rear flanges keep the board offset from its support allowing it to be installed against a wall or on a stand.


Technical specifications

• Length : 70 cm (27.55 inches) - Height 17 cm (6.69 inches) - Depth 2.8 cm (1.10 inches)

 Steel thickness : 6 mm (0.24 inches)

 Weight with 2 counters : 3.4 Kg (7.50 lbs)

 Color : Powder coated epoxy paint “Sandblasted rusty metal”.

 Delivered with 2 stainless steel laser cut pétanque ball counters.


(Legs or bracket sold separately and are not included in this offer)

“PLUG Classic“ rusty

129,00 €

  • 5 kg
  • available
  • 8 to 15 days for shipping


Kissing Fanny
Kissing Fanny... 

Traditionally if you lose a game of pétanque by 13 to nil the losers have to kiss Fanny’s bottom.

Fanny is usually represented by a picture or a sculpture of a woman.

Originally this act was the victors reward, enjoying the loser’s ‘shame’ at their humiliating 13-0 defeat!

“Fanny is our vertical model.

Fanny is delivered complete with its base and stainless steel assembly screws. Keep score with two stainless steel counters laser cut into the shape of a pétanque ball silhouette. These counters go up and down the sides of the board next to the appropriate score.

Very compact, “Fanny” is ian deal addition to smaller pétanque areas.

Both eat scoreboard and its base are very resistant to corrosion as they are made of aluminium. Additionally the components are sanded and powder coated before being baked at 200º C in an oven.


Technical Specifications :

• Width : 16 cm (6.30 inches)  Height : 70 cm (27,56 inches)  Depth 3 cm (1.18 inches)

Height on stand : 1.24 m (48,82 inches)

• Material : Aluminium sheet

• Weight with stand : 1.7 Kg (3.75 lbs)

• Powder coater and baked at 200º C in an oven

• Several colors available for the counter

• Stand color : Black sandblasted matte

• Delivered with its stand, 2 stainless steel pawns laser cut into a pétanque ball silhouette and stainless steel assembly screws.


Select color below :


The vintage spirit of rust oxidized steel

Dressed in a matte paint with a sanded effect imitating the color of rust as closely as possible, its fine granite texture gives it a silky touch and its glittery finish makes it very luminous under the rays of the sun.

Delivered with its foot and 2 pawns for marking points

“PLUG FANNY“ Rusty (Stand included)

149,00 €

  • 3 kg
  • available
  • 8 to 15 days for shipping

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