The collection of "ROLL" SCORE COUNTER

The range of ROLL score counters is made of aluminum.

The score is marked by rolling the balls (ROLL) on the indexes in front of each number.

The 316 stainless steel marking balls are trapped and cannot be removed from their rails.

These models and their beads are designed to stay outdoors in all seasons.


With a count of up to 13 points,

this score counter is specially designed for pétanque


With a count of up to 12 points this model is designed for the game of Bocce or Boccia, Italian variant of our game of petanque


With a count of up to 59 points, this multi-activity counter is specially designed for Molkky's game but can be used for pétanque, table tennis, horseshoe or billiards.

Other models of bocce, petanque & boules score COUNTERS

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