Kissing Fanny... the image of defeat. In the tradition, the losers of a pétanque party by a score of 13 to 0 had to kiss the buttock of a woman named Fanny who is often represented on a a painting or a sculpture. It was originally both a reward for the winners but above all a shame for the losing team, total humiliation: losing by 13 to 0!

“PLUG“ FANNY Rosemary (Leg included)

“Fanny“ is our first vertical scoring model.

Fanny is delivered complete with its base and its stainless steel assembly screws. The points are marked using two stainless steel pins delicately cut in the shape of a petanque ball silhouette. These pawns slide on each side of the score counter in front of the score figures.

Very space-saving, "Fanny" is ideal for animating small pétanque areas.

The score counter and its base are insensitive to corrosion as they are made of aluminum. The whole is then sanded and then powder coated with a paint applied by electrostatic powdering and baked at 200 ° in an oven.


Technical characteristics :

• Width: 16 cm - Height: 83 cm - Depth: 3 cm

• Height on foot: 1.37 m

• Material: Aluminum 4 mm

• Weight with the foot: 1.7 Kg

• Powder coated with powder paint baked at 200 ° in an oven

• Counter color: “Rosemary“ - foot color : color “Black sandblasted mat”

• Delivered with its 2 stainless steel marking pins, cut in the shape of a petanque ball silhouette.

• Delivered with a leg in aluminium and its stainless steel assembly screws.

“PLUG“ FANNY Rosemary

129,00 €

  • 4,3 kg
  • available
  • 8 to 15 days for shipping

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