BRACKET H125cm (Without score counter)

(only available in Matte black sandblasted color)
This bracket allows you to fix your petanque scorekeeper at 125 cm from the ground and store your petanque balls, jack and circle of feet, as a bonus you can serve an aperitif at the edge of your pétanque court
Ideal for installation on a low wall or on wooden beams around the playground.
It includes a lower part composed of two vertical legs of 70 cm connected by crosspieces allowing the storage of 12 balls of petanque up to 80 mm in diameter. The upper part consists of two 70 cm aluminum profiles connected by a two-level shelf.
Your score counter (not supplied) is fixed to the top of the profiles by 2 or 4 screws according to the models.

• This bracket is compatible with all our
score counter models: "Plug", "Roll" and "Slide".
• Extra simple assembly with 4 screws. (T
ools, screws and a assembly instruction notice are included)
• Supplied with 4 crosspieces to store 12 balls of petanque up to diameter 80mm + 1 shelf with 2 levels of 110 x 650 mm each with storage for jack and notches for a circle of feet.
• Color : Available only on Matte black sandblasted
• Total weight : 3,350 Kg
Floor fixing with 4 holes of 6 mm on each size plate : width = 70 mm / Depth = 75 mm
• 2 threaded inserts at the top of each legs will allow you to fix your score counter (not supplied)
(The score counter is sold separately and is not included in this offer)
Bracket H125cm (Without scorekeeper)

189,00 €

  • 4 kg
  • available
  • 8 to 15 days for shipping

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